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The Big Bang Theory: S1E15 – The Pork Chop Indeterminacy

The Big Bang Theory : S1E15 – The Pork Chop Indeterminacy

Trivia: (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers)
Q1: What is the name of Sheldon’s twin sister?
Q2: What brings Sheldon’s sister to California?


[wandering the halls of the university’s lab]
Leonard: Hey, check it out. The school of pharmacology is looking for volunteers.
Raj: [reading the bulletin board] We are testing a new medication for social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and obsessive compulsive disorder. [pause] Why would they be looking for test subjects here?
Leonard: I don’t know, Raj. Maybe the comic book store doesn’t have a bulletin board.

Raj: Missy, do you enjoy pajamas?
Missy: I guess.
Raj: We Indians invented them. You’re welcome.

Leonard: Sheldon, are you aware that your sister is an incredibly attractive woman?
Sheldon: Hmm, she certainly has the symmetry and low body fat that Western culture deems desirable.  It’s noteworthy that at other points in history, however, women were the standard of beauty because their girth suggested affluence.
Leonard: That’s fascinating.
Sheldon: I didn’t say it was fascinating. I said it was noteworthy.
Leonard: Alright. Noted. But my point is that Koothrappali and Wolowitz…they’re hitting on your sister. Ugh! It’s disgusting.
Sheldon: Oh. OK. You know, I don’t want to criticize your rhetorical style, but we’d be a lot further along in this conversation if you’d begun with that thought.
Leonard: That’s great.
Sheldon: What I’m saying is that we took quite an unnecessary detour from what I now understand to be your thesis.
Leonard: Whatever! You have to do something about it.
Sheldon: Why?
Leonard: She’s your sister.
Sheldon: I don’t understand. Yes, we shared a uterus for nine months, but since then we’ve gone our own separate ways.
Leonard: OK. Consider this. With your father gone, it is your responsibility to make sure that Missy chooses a suitable mate.
Sheldon: I hadn’t considered that. We do share DNA.
Leonard: Uh huh.
Sheldon: So there is the possibility, however remote, that resting in her loins is the potential for another individual as remarkable as myself.
Leonard: Exactly. And you owe it to yourself and your posterity to protect the genetic integrity of your sister’s future offspring.
Sheldon: You’re right. If someone wants to get at Missy’s fallopian tubes, they’ll have to go through me.

Wolowitz: I’m warning you. I was Judo champion at math camp.

Wolowitz: Is it because I’m jewish? ‘Cause I’d kill my rabbi with a pork chop to be with your sister.

Video: Wii Boxing: Wolowitz vs. Leonard

Missy: I want you to know I’m very proud of you.
Sheldon: Really?
Missy: Yup. I’m always bragging to my friends about my brother the rocket scientist.
Sheldon: You tell people I’m a rocket scientist?
Missy: Well, yeah.
Sheldon: I’m a theoretical physicist.
Missy: What’s the difference?
Sheldon: What’s the difference?!
Missy: Goodbye, Shelly.
Sheldon: My God. Why don’t you just tell them I’m a toll taker at the Golden Gate Bridge? Rocket scientist? How humiliating.

Trivia Answers:
Q1: What is the name of Sheldon’s twin sister?
A1: Missy

Q2: What brings Sheldon’s sister to California?
A2: Her friend’s wedding in Disneyland (Anaheim).


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