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The Big Bang Theory: S1E7 – The Dumpling Paradox

The Big Bang Theory : Season 1, Episode 7 – The Dumpling Paradox

Trivia: (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers)
Q1: Which actress has a cameo as Penny’s “friend” Christy who visits from Nebraska?
Q2: What show does Sheldon watch every Saturday morning?


Penny: If you guys need a fourth, I’ll play.
Leonard: Great idea.
Sheldon: No. The wheel was a great idea. Relativity was a great idea. This is a notion, and a rather sucky one at that.
Penny: Why?
Sheldon: Oh, Penny, Penny, Penny.
Penny: Oh, What? What? What?
Sheldon: This is a complex battle simulation with a steep learning curve.  There are a myriad of weapons, vehicles, and strategies to master, not to mention an extremely intricate back story.
Penny: [picking up video game controller, Bang!] Oh, cool. Who’s head did I just blow off?
Sheldon: Mine.
Penny: OK, I got this. Lock and load, boys.

Sheldon: OK, that’s it.  I don’t know how, but she is cheating.  No one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game.

[After Leonard offers that Penny can sleep on the couch]
Sheldon: Leonard, a moment.
Leonard: Let me guess. You have a problem with this.
Sheldon: Where do I begin?
Leonard: It’s up to you. Crazy person’s choice.
Sheldon: Well, first, we don’t have house guests.  Frankly, if I could afford the rent, I’d ask you to leave.
Leonard: Your friendship means a lot to me as well.  What else?
Sheldon: Well, our earthquake supplies — We have a 2-day, 2-man kit.
Leonard: So?
Sheldon: So, if there is an earthquake and the three of us are trapped here, we could be out of food by tomorrow afternoon.
Leonard: I’m sorry. Are you suggesting that if we let Penny stay we might succumb to cannibalism?
Sheldon: No one ever thinks it will happen until it does.
Leonard: Penny, if you promise not to chew the flesh off our bones while we sleep, you can stay.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: He’s engaging in reductio ad absurdum.  It’s the logical fallacy of extending someone’s argument to ridiculous proportions and then criticizing the result.  And I do not appreciate it.
Leonard: I’ll get you a blanket and a pillow.

[Penny preps the pillow to sleep on Leonard & Sheldon’s couch]
Sheldon: Wrong.
Penny: [annoyed] I’m listening.
Sheldon: Your head goes on the other end.
Penny: Why?
Sheldon: It’s culturally universal.  A bed, even a temporary bed, is always orientated with the headboard away from the door.  It serves the ancient imperative of protecting oneself against marauders.
Penny: I’ll risk it.

[Since Penny is still sleeping on the couch]
Leonard: Why don’t you just eat breakfast in bed?
Sheldon: Because I am neither an invalid or a woman celebrating Mother’s Day.

[Penny awakens from sleeping on the couch while Leonard & Sheldon are talking]
Penny: What time is it?
Leonard: Almost 6:30.
Penny: [shocked] I slept all day?
Leonard: Oh, no. It’s 6:30 in the morning.
Penny: What the hell is your problem?

Sheldon: OK, this cereal has lost all its molecular integrity.  I now have a bowl of shredded wheat paste.

Wolowitz: Hola, nerdmigos!

Christy: Howard?
Wolowitz: In here, m’lady.
Christy: mmm, there’s my little engine that could.
Wolowitz: Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chuga-a.
Sheldon: Well there’s a beloved children’s book I’ll never read again.

Wolowitz: Why doesn’t Christy stay with me?
Sheldon: For one thing, you live with your mother.
Wolowitz: I do not. My mother lives with me.

Penny: Look, Howard, I know her. OK? She’ll have sex with anyone as long as they keep buying her things.
Wolowitz: Really?
Penny: Yeah.
Wolowitz: Yay! If you’ll excuse me, I have some bar mitzvah bonds to cash.

[at a Chinese restaurant]
Sheldon: I’m sorry. We can not do this without Wolowitz.
Leonard: We can’t order Chinese food without Wolowitz?
Sheldon: Let me walk you through it. Our standard order is — the steamed dumpling appetizer, General Tso’s chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp with lobster sauce, and vegetable lo mein. Do you see the problem?
Leonard: I see a problem.
Sheldon: Our entire order is predicated on four dumplings and four entrees entrées, divided amongst four people. [gestures to the empty spot in the booth]
Leonard: So we’ll just order three entrées.
Sheldon: Fine. What do you want to eliminate? and who gets the extra dumpling?

Leonard: Sheldon, think this through. You’re going to ask Howard to choose between sex and Halo.
Sheldon: No, I’m going to ask him to choose between sex and Halo 3.  As far as I know, sex has not been upgraded to include high-def graphics and enhanced weapon systems.
Leonard: [sarcastically] You’re right.  All sex has is nudity, orgasms, and human contact.
Sheldon: My point.

Random Awesomeness:

  • Sheldon has a Green Lantern T-shirt.

Trivia Answers:
Q1: Which actress has a cameo as Penny’s “friend” Christy who visits from Nebraska?
A1: Brooke D’Orsay

Q2: What show does Sheldon watch every Saturday morning?
A2: Dr. Who on the BBC


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